Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soaring trip 6/21/10 - 7/19/10

The above traces are from 12 flights I had between 6/21 to 7/19 during my soaring safari. All flights started and finished at Ely NV, Parowan UT or Truckee CA with zero landouts! Total flying distance 6660 miles (10,657km) in over 90 flying hours, averaging 555 miles per flight, covering most of Nevada and Utah, as well as some of California, Colorado and Arizona.
3 flights were over 1000km (625 miles), the longest was 1083km (1040km FAI triangle). Highest altitude was 18,000 feet (only limited by Class A airspace). uring the trip I flew over the following National Parks and landmarks: Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Canyonlands, Moab, Escalante, Capitol Reef, Wheeler Peak, Delano Peak, White Mtn Peak, Death Valley, Area 51 (near, not above!) and of course Lake Tahoe. Went as far east as near Grand Junction Colorado, South to near Flagstaff Arizona, north near the Idaho border and west to Lake Tahoe.
The trace below is from my 1040 KM FAI triangle (Winnemuca, Goldfield, Whitecloud Mtn):
The pics and clips below were taken with my iPhone, so are of average quality. Click for higher resolution.
Zion Canyon
Near Moab, Utah
Bryce Canyon
Cedar Breaks
Grand Canyon
Death Valley
Zion Canyon
Moab, Utah
Cayonlands, UT
Grand Canyon, AZ
More clips are available from my YouTube channel
Wheeler Peak, NV

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