Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Soaring Summary

The above traces are from 48 Cross Country flights I had in 2011, totaling 14,630 miles (23,545km) and 290 hours, averaging 305 miles per flight. The flights spanning 8 states (California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon).

Photos from these flights are available in the following link:
Video clips are available at

2011 Soaring Safari 6/22 - 7/17

Flight traces from one month soaring safari spanning 6 states (Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho) and places such as  Zion Canyon, Lake Powell, Wheeler Peak, Monument Valley, Durango, Santa Fe, Sandia Peak. Total distance flown: 6200 miles (10,000km). Total flying time: 96 hours in 14 flights (averaging 442 miles and 7 hours per flight).
Below are some photos and a video clip:

Over Zion Canyon, Utah

Over Zion Canyon, Utah

Over Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

Thunderstorm over Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona